The Great Australian LifeStyle - 
Our New Normal 

Understanding audiences on a deep level is key to our business –  we aim to understand our audience and category trends better than any other media organisation.

It’s key to what we do – allowing us to identify what’s happening now, what’s likely to happen next and most importantly the ‘why’ behind it – the human motivators and drivers that are behind all trends and consumer behaviour.

This insight fuels everything we do - commissioning and acquiring content, identifying opportunities with greater confidence, and allowing our partners to successfully leverage our unique connection with a highly engaged audience.

consumer trends drive decision making

Deep consumer understanding drives our decision making. We don’t just
identify trends,
we anticipate them.

We know Australians, we know Austrailian lifestyles


Research: The Great Australian LifeStyle


Content that reflects
people’s lives


More engaged viewers equals greater brand impact

We have a commitment to understanding Aussie lifestyle habits, so that we can commission content that will keep them watching Foxtel.

We know that premium, relevant programming is what makes Foxtel subscribers
27% more engaged in our content than FTA. 


We believe that understanding the trends helps us program content to reflect the reality of our lives. This, combined with lower ad loads equals a better viewing and advertising experience.


A more engaged viewer, greater brand impact

Source: Nature Research, October 2020

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The Approach

Just months before the Covid 19 pandemic hit, we embarked on a huge, multi-methodology research study on our customers, and Australians as a whole, to further understand not just how they were living in that moment, but how they want to live in the future.

This research study involved both quantitative and qualitative research.


In conducting the research, we identified that...

Australians were increasingly investing in their homes to create the ultimate place to be – influenced heavily by our favourite experiences outside of the home.

We saw an increased focus on self care/personal wellbeing...

And as a result of the increased pace and pressure of life, we noted the rise of ‘The coping economy’ – the industries benefiting from our need to retreat, as we search for moments of mindfulness or mindlessness.

And then Covid-19 hit, and the world as we knew it completely turned on its head.

Now nearly 12 months down the track, as we settle into our ‘new normal’... What have we really seen in terms of change?

Amongst the changes and behaviors we’re seeing today, which are a short-term symptom of our current circumstances and which are the long-term re-sets.

We conducted another deep-dive quantitative study, our next in our longitudinal The Great Australian LifeStyle research series, as well as collating market intelligence, to examine these areas.


Spend follows trends


goods + services
YOY expenditure



Home category
YOY expenditure


Increased focus on in-home experiences and consumption

A collective "Shoes to Sofa" moment


We know that our level of investment in where we live, both financial and emotional, shifts
over time.

The shoes to sofa moment, is when the passion, excitement & willingness to spend on our homes overtakes that of previously prioritized personal or lifestyle spending behavior.

Our home lives have been re-defined

And it should be of no surprise. Our home lives have been re-defined.

Our homes are no longer simply the ultimate nest, our homes are now wearing so many hats.

My home is now my office,


My café,


My getaway.

More than ever, we’re bringing our experiences from outside the home in.


6 in 10 
Australians updated their home in the past 12 months...

And the #1 reason for doing so was to enhance their quality of life

Australians have been increasingly able to justify spending on their home.


It’s about Passion Points and Pain Points - regardless of the motivation the outcome remains the same – heightened investment. 


9 in 10 
intend to maintain or increase spend on their home in the next 12 months...

Foxtel customers are 45% more likely to say they intend to invest ‘more’ in their home in the coming 12 months than non-Foxtel customers

A renewed focus on wellbeing


We saw in our initial research study a desire to step back from the chaotic nature of life, escape the noise, obligations and commitments. Well, 2020 fast-tracked that ambition.

What was once an unattainable goal suddenly, nearly overnight became a collective reality.


COVID has driven a new era in 'the Coping Economy' 

We observed that the effects of COVID has amplified ‘the Coping Economy’ a trend we identified in our 2019 study.

Consumers continue to seek out products & experiences to bring moments of

mindfulness, to reconnecting with ourselves or the world around us to help ease the congestion of our minds & escape the daily pressures of life. 


How did we cope?


Good news


Calming home spaces


Light entertainment Escapism

Within a macro envrionment that can be draining, more then ever consumers are seeking to be uplifted and transported outside of their every day realities. 

What are Australians hoping will prevail post-COVID?


It’s clear that 2020 has had a profound and rippling impacts on the lives of all Australians.


But which of these attitudes and shifting behaviours are here to stay?


Key Takeouts

We have an ongoing commitment to understanding Aussie lifestyle habits, so that we can commission content that will keep them watching Foxtel

Foxtel subscribers are 27% more engaged in our content than FTA 

Low ad loads, content programmed to the latest trends that reflect the reality of our lives equals a better viewing and advertising experience

Opportunity to impact our premium audience is ripe for brands capitalising on trends and renewed interest in the home 

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